Statement by Barbara Listing, President, Right to Life of Michigan on Passage of Proposal 3

We are deeply saddened by the tragic passage of one of the most dangerous ballot proposals to face voters in Michigan history, Proposal 3.

Right to Life of Michigan (RLM) staff, our statewide affiliates, thousands of volunteers and donors, and our many state and local partners selflessly sacrificed their time, talent, and treasure to educate voters on this extreme proposal, standing courageously for the dignity of human life and parental rights.

Our efforts to educate voters on the true threats of Proposal 3 faced incredible odds that were ultimately insurmountable. The larger coalition to defeat Proposal 3 was outspent by a margin of more than 2 to 1. Out of state billionaires from New York and California funded a disinformation campaign to lure voters. The large majority of free press mounted an unprecedented deluge of one-sided advocacy designed to pass Proposal 3. This was a shameful disservice to our democratic process and Michigan voters seeking the truth.

Michigan voters accepted assurances Proposal 3 did nothing more than repeal the 1931 law. RLM will hold proponents of this amendment to that commitment.

While our hearts are saddened, our resolve to courageously, peacefully advocate for the dignity of human life is not weakened. History is on the side of those who stand to defend the vulnerable, even when it is not easy. May we never accept the lie that standing up for the dignity of human life is somehow extreme, a political liability, or not worth the cost.

In the days ahead, RLM will redouble our efforts to work across Michigan communities to protect the dignity of all human life.

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